AFTN is back online and we’re looking for your contributions

AFTN is back online and we’re looking for your contributions

Our revamp of the website has taken a lot longer than originally planned, and although it’s not quite the finished article, we thought it was beyond time that we got AFTN back up online.

We started the revamp back in March 2019, after several years of neglect that had left the site looking very dated and not user friendly for the mobile age. So we’ve moved to a WordPress website, that should be much more accessible on all devices.

The forum has gone, and it won’t be returning (although some of the posts will live on in a new feature called AFTN Forum Gold), but you will be able to leave comments and chat on each individual article. The old logo has also gone, replaced by a fresh modern take, that still has a hint to the past.

This was the second attempt at refreshing the site after life got in the way and we abandoned that plan a few years earlier.

Work, life, and the time spent managing the ever-expanding AFTN Canada website and podcast, has seen things take a bit longer than hoped for, but I wasn’t wanting to launch the new look site until every I wanted to have on it was finished and uploaded.

After realising that this was going to still take many more months, I decided to just go live with what was ready and we’ll add more and more to it every week. That means a lot of the historical and ‘Through The Years’ sections are incomplete and a work in progress. Plus some of the old features and photos haven’t been reformatted and uploaded yet.

Moving forward, we don’t just want AFTN to be the stuff from the old site, we want to keep it fresh and up to date and we’re looking for your help to do that.

AFTN Canada was launched in 2009 as a blog. Since then it’s grown into a recognised and accredited media outlet covering football at all levels across North America. We added a podcast in 2013, which became a radio show in 2017, and a lot more that I won’t bore you with.

We’ve built up a passionate team of over 20 writers, podcasters, and photographers that have helped us grow and we’re hoping to build a similar team here in Scotland to help make AFTN the fun and vibrant site it used to be for East Fife fans.

And we can’t do that without your help.

If you have an itch to write anything and everything about East Fife and/or Scottish football, then we’d love to hear from you.

It could be short, long, serious, funny. An article, an opinion piece, some history, some reminisces about the past players, matches, and moments that make East Fife so great. Maybe you’re a cartoonist or like to express yourself in a visual medium, or you have the solution to make Scottish football better. Do you have some old photos we can put to good use and share with your fellow fans?

Whether you’re an old timer, a younger fan, or somewhere inbetween, if you’re interested, shoot us a DM on Twitter or leave a message below and we’ll be in touch.

Don’t worry if you’ve never written before, we can tidy anything up you send if it needs it. If you want to send in a one-off thing or contribute something more regularly, then that’s all great. We can’t give you a free fanzine like the old days, but you’re stuff will be immortalised for your fellow fans for (hopefully) many, many years to come.

So that’s it really. We’re back. Let us know what you think – what you like about the new site, what you don’t, and what you’d like to see on it.

How busy we’ll be is up to how much interest there is in the site. If there’s no demand for new stuff, we’ll just have this up as an archive and a labour of love. And if you don’t already know, we’ve launched a podcast with co-host Lee Gillies called Glory Days of Gold. Check it out!

Thanks to everyone who has supported AFTN over the years, and ‘Mon the Fife.

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Authored by: GoF

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  1. Bob Hunter at 22:45

    First memory of going to a Fife game was Bobby Waddle,could not take my eyes off him.Dont know if itwas because he was going bald at the time but remember saying to my dad how old he looked and the father replying…not all bald men are old.Now in later life I realize what he was meaning.By the way im now 61 and and have all my hair unlike my three younger brothers….Auld but not bald

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