Bayview Park Icons: The Concrete Blocks

Bayview Park Icons: The Concrete Blocks

In the summer of 1949 a charismatic ground improvement took place at Bayview Park that still has the fans talking about it all these years later.

The improvement itself is nothing special. It’s just the addition of concrete blocks to Bayview’s west end terracing to heighten and strengthen the terracing, adding around 3,000 to the capacity.

What was so charming about these blocks was that they were anti tank concrete blocks which had been placed on Leven beach during World War Two. Many of the blocks had carvings, drawings and messages on them from the soldiers stationed at Leven at the time and served as a special snapshot of history from wartime and from those involved.

I don’t know what happened to these blocks once Bayview Park was demolished but I guess they’ve become lost in time. Thankfully Jim Corstorphine captured some of these blocks for posterity and we’re pleased to show you his pictures below:

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