Disappearing World: #3 Rosettes

Disappearing World: #3 Rosettes

The football scarf and your replica club top are two perennial fan accessories that I hope we will never see leave the football fan’s Saturday afternoon ensemble. Wearing your team’s colours with pride is something that you should never tire of.

Some fan accessories haven’t lasted the test of time though and in most cases let’s be thankful for that!

Rosettes are one of those. Looking back, did people really wear those to games?

I’m of an age when rosettes were still a thing in the mid 70’s but had died out when I started going to watch the Fife. But I have had some in my collection of football memorabilia from through the years.

They lasted a long time and in the fashion disaster that was the 1970’s they seemed to have a resurgence, although I’ve yet to meet someone who has admitted to wearing one to a match. If that was you, let us know.

There was a time when your unsuspecting young fan would be adorned with scarves tied around each wrist, an ill fitting tammy on their head, and a shiny silk-like rosette safety-pinned to their lapel.

Turning up at a game today wearing such an item would result in instant ridicule from those that know you and sympathy from those who don’t, who would think that you were just a bit “special”.

The oldies wore them with pride and many were produced for big occasions like Cup finals. I had one for Glenrothes Juniors 1975 Scottish Junior Cup Final appearance, but that doesn’t seem to still be around my collection.

I also vaguely remember sending off some tokens from crisp packets or something and having one or two. That may just be my fantasy world though, as I sadly don’t have them now.

I always wondered if I’d had a secret visit from the style police but then they’d left the rest of my wardrobe intact so probably not!

Rosette pin badges were also popular, and still are. Those I do still have some of in my collection. Even Subbuteo produced a range of rosettes to go with all the other junk that you bought from them but never used to play the game.

Will they ever make a return appearance? Well you can still buy them and I’m sure grans will still make them. A search of eBay will reveal a whole host of wonderful items from yesteryear.

Great for collecting, not for wearing. Nowadays the only rosettes you see are at polling stations. But as everything seems to follow cycles I’m sure we’ll see some black and gold ones back again one day. Maybe we can start the new trend. Just watch where you stick them.

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Authored by: GoF

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