Episode 1 – Glory Days of Gold (Hello, Hello, We Are The Bayview Boys)

Episode 1 – Glory Days of Gold (Hello, Hello, We Are The Bayview Boys)

Welcome to the very first episode of your new favourite podcast – Glory Days of Gold.

Recorded across two continents, the podcast will bring you a regular dose of East Fife FC and Scottish football chat, with a splattering on interesting interviews and fun segments thrown in along the way.

For this episode though, we wanted to introduce ourselves, taking a trip down the Bayview memory lane as we look back at some of our favourite East Fife players, games, and moments from the last couple of decades and explain who we are and what this podcast is going to be all about.

We also look at East Fife and Scottish football in this time of Corona and ponder what the future of the game might look like, play you a punk song all about the mighty Fife, and find out if Rangers player Scott Arfield fancies a chocolate digestive.

The sound is a little bit hit and miss in this episode, so apologies for that. We plan to work on that for the next episode, but that’s the perils from recording across an ocean!

Here’s the rundown for the main segments from the episode:

01.13: Who are we? Who are we?
13.41: What does East Fife mean to you?
27.37: A trip down Bayview memory lane – favourite players
42.50: Anyone Fancy A Chocolate Digestive – Scott Arfield
45.53: East Fife and Scottish football in the time of Corona
63.44: Wavelength – Slugger – Bonny Lassie
68.17: Best East Fife XI from player’s we’ve seen play

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