Episode 26 – Glory Days of Gold (Diamond Geezers – East Fife v Airdrie postgame show)

Episode 26 – Glory Days of Gold (Diamond Geezers – East Fife v Airdrie postgame show)

Welcome to Episode 26 of Glory Days of Gold.

Recorded across two continents, Glory Days of Gold brings you a regular dose of East Fife FC and Scottish football chat, with a splattering of interesting interviews, fun segments, and music thrown in along the way.

And it’s nice to be celebrating and talking about a victory once again this week! We look at the ins and outs of East Fife’s 2-0 victory over Airdrie in this week’s Fife Fanzone, and we hear the exclusive postgame thoughts from East Fife assistant manager Tony McMinn.

Plus we look at last week’s postponement against Clyde, the death of Diego Maradona, the entitlement of some fans at bigger clubs, chat about whether we’re actually watching less football on TV the more there is on, and a lot more, including Nicky Lipp in this week’s Have You Heard? and Glam legends Slade in this week’s Wavelength.

Here’s the rundown for the main segments from the episode:

02.23: Last week’s postponement against Clyde
08.36: Fife Fanzone: East Fife 2 Airdrie 0
62.51: Postgame Thoughts: East Fife assistant manager Tony McMinn
66.52: General Football Chat – League 1 standings, entitled Premier fans, are you actually watching less football?, EPL chat
96.30: Have You Heard? – Nicky Lipp – Will You Be My Baby
101.24: Diego Maradona’s death
110.46: Wavelength – Slade – Give Us A Goal
114.40: Mailbag

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