Episode 32 – Glory Days of Gold (Standing Around with special guests Darren Young and Tony McMinn)

Episode 32 – Glory Days of Gold (Standing Around with special guests Darren Young and Tony McMinn)

Welcome to Episode 32 of Glory Days of Gold.

Recorded across two continents, Glory Days of Gold brings you a regular dose of East Fife FC and Scottish football chat, with a splattering of interesting interviews, fun segments, and music thrown in along the way.

We sensed it was coming and so it came to pass. East Fife’s season is once again on hold as a three week firebreak has curtailed Scottish football at League One level and below. We chat about that and the impact that Covid continues to have on the Scottish game. Will we see the season out?

But it does give us the chance to catch up with the dynamic duo in the dugout at Bayview as we’re joined by Darren Young and Tony McMinn to chat about the first third of East Fife’s season, the campaign being on hold, the loss of Jack Hamilton, our home form versus our away form, bringing in new players, and a lot more. Plus Darren talks about what the Scottish Cup means to him.

All of that, plus we talk the best centre backs we’ve seen play in the in the black and gold, the lengths we’ve gone to to watch a Fife game, Fatherson feature as our first Artists of the Month, and I, Ludicrous return in this week’s Wavelength.

Here’s the rundown for the main segments from the episode:

02.41: East Fife’s season is back on hold
10.21: Darren Young and Tony McMinn interview
78.43: Artists of the Month – Fatherson – I Like Not Knowing
83.55: All-time greatest East Fife centre backs
93.39: Wavelength – I, Ludicrous – We Stand Around
100.19: What lengths have you gone to to watch an East Fife game?

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