Episode 36 – Glory Days of Gold (Waka Waka with special guest Kevin Fotheringham)

Episode 36 – Glory Days of Gold (Waka Waka with special guest Kevin Fotheringham)

Welcome to Episode 36 of Glory Days of Gold.

Recorded across two continents, Glory Days of Gold brings you a regular dose of East Fife FC and Scottish football chat, with a splattering of interesting interviews, fun segments, and music thrown in along the way.

Our feature interview this episode is with a Fifer who came through the youth ranks at Rangers, spent two seasons at Bayview, winning a League Championship in the process, and has gone into management now that he’s hung up his boots – Kevin Fotheringham.

We chat with Fozzy about his time at East Fife, his lengthy career in the senior game, making the move into management, and lots more. There’s a lot of great stories along the way, as we ask him about that infamous Arbroath team photo, he shares some new info on the Irish ferry incident, and find out if he really does have a Raith Rovers tattoo!

Will East Fife be back on the pitch next month? If so, what will the remainder of the season look like? And just how are the club’s finances during these trying times? We chat about all of that and talk to Associate Director Liam Anderson.

All of that, plus we talk going back in time to watch famous matches, football kits, Cameron Barnes continues as our Artist of the Month, and the legend that is Pete Townsend features in this week’s Wavelength.

Here’s the rundown for the main segments from the episode:

04.42: East Fife’s finances during the current lockdown – featuring a chat with Associate Director Liam Anderson
18.22: Kevin Fotheringham interview
120.30: Artists of the Month – Cameron Barnes – Just Smile
124.30: What games would you go back in time in the TARDIS to see?
141.36: Wavelength – Pete Townsend – Football Fugue

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