Episode 44 – Glory Days of Gold (Another Fine Mess – East Fife’s Clyde Covid controversy, David Cox and abuse in football, Club 42 v pyramid battle)

Episode 44 – Glory Days of Gold (Another Fine Mess – East Fife’s Clyde Covid controversy, David Cox and abuse in football, Club 42 v pyramid battle)

Welcome to Episode 44 of Glory Days of Gold.

Recorded across two continents, Glory Days of Gold brings you a regular dose of East Fife FC and Scottish football chat, with a splattering of interesting interviews, fun segments, and music thrown in along the way.

Silly us. We thought with East Fife’s season wrapping up, with no meaningful games left to play, that it would be a pretty quiet week down Bayview way. What on earth would we talk about on the show? How wrong we were.

It’s been a week of farce and shame in lower league Scottish football and it all started at Broadwood on Tuesday evening when East Fife refused to play their game against Clyde after a positive test in the Bully Wee camp was revealed minutes before kick off. We delve into the farcical scenes at the match, the subsequent fall out, and the ridiculous fine handed out to East Fife, in a situation that did that rare thing of basically uniting Scottish football fans.

Sadly East Fife’s season just doesn’t seem to want to end. We take a brief look at the game that did go ahead this week against Peterhead, try to muster up some enthusiasm for the season run-in, and look ahead to the exciting battle between Brora Rangers, Kelty Hearts, and Brechin City for a place in League 2.

But we get into more serious issues to end the show as we look at abuse in football, both on and off the pitch, with the unsavoury incident around David Cox as the catalyst. We talk mental health, the abuse Cox says made him retire from the game, and question whether this is going to start a conversation about mental health issues or make players less likely to come out and talk about it. And as the game is uniting about social media abuse this weekend, is that just posturing or can we really see real change in that regard and how would it come about?

All of that plus our regular music and fun sections. Here’s the rundown for the main segments from the episode:

01.42: East Fife’s Clyde Covid Controversy and farcical fines
39.57: Fife Bands In Focus – The Ghost Train – Hope and Glory
44.25: Trying, and failing, to care about the season run-in
59.48: Anyone Fancy A Chocolate Digestive? – Euan Donaldson
62.40: Brora, Kelty, and Brechin – the battle for a league place begins
73.27: David Cox, mental health, and abuse in football and online
99.30: Wavelength – I, Ludicrous – Bring On The Substitute

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