Episode 53 – Glory Days of Gold (What Time Is It?)

Episode 53 – Glory Days of Gold (What Time Is It?)

Welcome to Episode 53 of Glory Days of Gold, the East Fife and Scottish football podcast record across two continents.

Lee, Michael, Doug, and Scott are back to pick over the bones of East Fife’s latest loss, a heavy 5-2 shellacking at Cove Rangers. Just how bad was it? Did anyone come away from the game with pass marks? Where do the team go from here and when does the panic button get pressed?

We chat about all of that plus try and a find a solution to getting torn apart on both wings and to get us some much needed midfield presence. But it’s not all doom and gloom (just mostly!) as we look back at the midweek cup win against St Johnstone B and two new additions to the East Fife squad that can’t come into the team quick enough going on the last performance.

We also take a look around some of the funnier aspects of football from the past week and our Wavelength section returns with a song from Irish band My Brother Woody that will pretty much sum up the mood among the Fife fanbase right now.

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