Episode 56 – Glory Days of Gold (There’s Been A Murder)

Episode 56 – Glory Days of Gold (There’s Been A Murder)

Welcome to Episode 56 of Glory Days of Gold, the East Fife and Scottish football podcast.

Lee, Doug, and Gordon are back to pick over the bones of East Fife’s capitulation to Dumbarton on Saturday. The Sons of the Rock went nap and the Fife defence went to sleep at set pieces as Dumbarton ran out easy 5-0 winners. It was another rough outing that sent the team back to the foot of the table. Where did it all go wrong and where does the blame lie? How can the team’s away performances be so bad, so often? Were there any positives that can be taken from the game? And how can/will the team respond? The guys chat about all of that and a lot more besides.

Three episodes ago we called the show “What Time Is It?” after the 5-2 shellacking by Cove Rangers. After giving up another five of the worst, is the answer to that question that it’s time for manager Darren Young to go or can he turn things around? Who should replace him? Does it matter if the budget isn’t there to take the team to the next level? The guys discuss it all and the fans have their say in this week’s mailbag.

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