Episode 61 – Glory Days of Gold (Nothing To Shout About)

Episode 61 – Glory Days of Gold (Nothing To Shout About)

Welcome to Episode 61 of Glory Days of Gold, the East Fife and Scottish football podcast.

What a difference a week makes. Lee, Gordon, and Doug are back to pick over the bones of another away defeat for East Fife. This was a second half shellacking at Montrose that sucked every part of last week’s feelgood factor out of Fife fans. Where did it go wrong? Where was last week’s spark? Can anything be done to fix the mentality of the team that look beaten as soon as they go one behind? Is all hope lost or was there enough from last week’s win over Cove that keeps some semblance alive?

The guys discuss how Darren Young still has a job and why the board aren’t acting or communicating with the fans about the current situation. Plus they delve into a very bulging mailbag to answer some listeners questions – what would they do to change things up if they were appointed the new bosses overnight, when will the next away win come, how do you fix the mentality at the club?

Plus the big elephant in the room comes to the fore again – is there any different way forward for East Fife unless there’s a change of ownership and by that we mean the real ownership of the club? Can it ever change, who would want to take the club over, and are we even a desirable option for someone?

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