Episode 71 – Glory Days of Gold (Not Bonnie and Clyde)

Episode 71 – Glory Days of Gold (Not Bonnie and Clyde)

Welcome to Episode 71 of Glory Days of Gold, the East Fife and Scottish football podcast recorded across two continents.

Scottish football was in the headlines around the world this week, and not for the best of reasons. On the pitch, East Fife could be getting set to make some headlines of our own as we still search for our first goal of 2022. Will we ever score again? Wiill we ever win again? Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it.

That was on display at the weekend as the team played out a goalless draw at home to Clyde. There were positives – chances created, players back from injury, and back to back clean sheets – but it’s far from enough to stave off relegation.

We delve into the match and the talking points coming out of it, plus we talk about the rise of Arbroath, the need to preserve proper football stadiums, Scottish football lower league icons, and cold weather football matches. And we look at the moral and PR disaster that was this week for Raith Rovers. Have they done themselves irreparable damage amongst many in their fanbase?

Come for the football chat, stay for the talk about the weather.

Here’s the rundown for the main segments from the episode:

01.17: How to treat your partner on their birthday
12.20: The rise of Arbroath, proper fitba stadiums, and Scottish football lower league icons
24.03: East Fife v Clyde chat
67.05: Raith Rovers guide to football mismanagement
90.33: Cold weather football

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