Episode 72 – Glory Days of Gold (Girding Our Loins)

Episode 72 – Glory Days of Gold (Girding Our Loins)

Welcome to Episode 72 of Glory Days of Gold, the East Fife and Scottish football podcast recorded across two continents.

It finally happened! East Fife scored a goal this year. Not only that, but they scored three of them. And guess what? They also got their first win since October. And it was away from home! Pinch us, we must be dreaming.

But dreams can come true. Gabrielle told us so all those years ago. We didn’t even have to wear an eyepatch.

The guys are back to delve into all the ins and out of the mighty Fife’s win over Alloa on Saturday. This was the fight and passion we wanted to see from the team. Have they turned a corner? Is the great escape on? Or should be stay grounded as there’s still a hell of a mountain to climb? There’s a lot of what ifs for the Fife to avoid relegation. Too many maybe. But at least there’s still some hope and signs of improvement and right now that’ll do.

We also look around the rest of League 1, including Falkirk’s signing of Leigh Griffiths, talk Scottish Cup, chat about Kevin Smith getting a well deserved testimonial, and delve into our bulging mailbag.

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