Episode 79 – Glory Days of Gold (Coffin Nailed Shut)

Episode 79 – Glory Days of Gold (Coffin Nailed Shut)

Welcome to Episode 79 of Glory Days of Gold, the East Fife and Scottish football podcast.

When the going got tough for East Fife these past few weeks, the tough could have got going, but instead the black and gold showed what they were really made of and crumbled liked a cheap custard cream in a hot cup of tea, with no goals and no points from three crucial, almost must win, matches.

The coffin has been prepared and the nails are now firmly in one hand of the Scottish League One undertaker and there’s a hammer in the other. The guys delve into the latest loss to Airdrie, try and work out where it’s all gone wrong this season, debate which of the current squad we actually want back for a League 2 campaign, and try and come up with some realistic signings we could try and bring in.

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