Passionless: Where’s the passion around Bayview these days?

Passionless: Where’s the passion around Bayview these days?

As East Fife fans we know that the black and gold don’t like to do things the easy way.

The last three seasons have been a bit of a rollercoaster as we flirted with the relegation playoffs one year and the promotion playoffs the next, only to settle for mid-table mediocrity once again at the end of it all.

This season has seen very few highs, too many lows to count on your fingers, and with ten games to go, I think most of us would just be happy with mid-table mediocrity again at this point.

It’s not exactly a lofty achievement to be aiming for as a storied football club.

As it stands, we’re in a battle and need to start putting in the performances and stringing the results together that will get us out of our current plight and relegation dogfight.

We’re heading in to the final quarter of the season and the games aren’t going to come much bigger than our next three games, starting today.

Arbroath may be in that mid-table spot we crave, but they are certainly there for the taking today. A draw may not be a disaster, but we have to start looking at taking full points from our home matches.

Then comes two huge games against our fellow basement dwellers, that if we don’t take the full six points from, then we’re going to be in big, big trouble come May.

Albion Rovers surprisingly grabbed what will be a confidence boosting three points against Stenhousemuir on Tuesday, in a seven goal thriller. They’re still adrift at the bottom by nine points, so at least we have that – for now.

Our goal difference (of a massive 20 goals) is saving us from that dreaded relegation playoff spot at the moment. Stranraer are filling that and meet Albion today.

As we face Albion next week, if the unthinkable were to happen, and they string three wins together on the bounce, they would be just three points behind us. Then we have face Stranraer at home the week after.

It really isn’t exaggerating to say how huge the next 15 days will be for our hopes this season, and without being too dramatic, our footballing future as anything but a forgotten also-ran of the Scottish game.

The players need to step up but so do we the fans.

Those that know me, will know that I’m not around Methil much these days unfortunately, but I was back at the end of January and saw the 3-3 draw with Ayr.

I can’t believe the team I saw fight back that day is in the trouble it currently is, but what surprised me even more was the atmosphere and crowd at Bayview that day.

So many regular faces from my past were just simply not there to cheer on the team any more. They’ve found something else to occupy their Saturday afternoons for various reasons.

The new Bayview has never been a source of much noise, singing and excitement, but I just couldn’t believe how flat it was. Dare I say, how boring.

Where was the passion, the enthusiasm and the vocal support?

Many complain about the minority that abuse our own players. Who never seem to have a good thing to shout out, only criticism. You know one of the best ways to not hear that? Drown them out by singing for the team.

It’s not always easy of course when the team just isn’t giving you much to cheer about on the pitch, but we’re all in this together.

I’ve been spoiled in my new surroundings of watching football in North America. There’s still that perception that fans over here don’t get the game and aren’t passionate.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The fans here sing and chant for pretty much the full ninety minutes. They don’t let their support waver and you seldom hear a cry of derision at their own player. They bring banners, huge flags, drums, noise and most of all passion.

That’s the passion we’ve not had at this club for many a year. Passion both on and off the park. To live and die for the jersey.

That’s the passion we now need to keep us as a Second Division club.

Run until you’re sore, shout until you’re hoarse. Find a friend that’s lapsed and get them back into the fold.

Make East Fife a proud and passionate football club once again.

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