The AFTN Blog: The road to greatness

The AFTN Blog: The road to greatness

It was fantastic to see East Fife’s 1970/71 promotion winning squad all back together at Bayview at the last home game.

In my case from looking at photographs of the day but from chatting with people that were able to make it along to the game, it was a fantastic occasion, enjoyed by both fans and players alike.

It was a great touch by the club and by the Trust and a huge well done has to go out to everyone involved in making the special day happen, topped off by the excellent read that was the commemorative pull-out in The Bayview.

That day and a thread someone started recently on the AFTN forum got me thinking back to the ‘All-Time Greats’ that we started voting on back in 2006.

It seems so long ago now that we kicked it all off on AFTN but the idea really caught the Fife fans’ imaginations, culminating in the wonderful event put on by the Trust to honour all the players and managers selected in the pre 70’s, post 70’s and All Time XI’s.

For those of you who were too young or weren’t around the club at the time or just want to look back at all the votes and discussions, head over to and search “All Time East Fife XI” for all the chat from 2006 and 2007.

The question was raised recently as to what happens in the future re these ‘All Time Greats’?

Should the three teams selected remain unchanged for posterity? A snapshot of that time when the club was going through the feelgood days in the post Derrick Brown era.

Or should the voting be re-opened at some point down the line and when should that point be?

Of course by doing that it means that some of the players in the teams could change. Not just to allow in more recent players but because some of the votes of older fans may not count any more, as those fans themselves may no longer be with us, taking with them all their great memories and tales of glory days of yore.

For me, it should be something that is opened up in the future, but not for a long time. The 125th anniversary in 2028 might be that good time.

And let’s be honest here, there’s no pressing need, as there aren’t any players since the vote was decided that have made a big enough impression to dislodge any of the current black and gold heroes in the All Time teams. But let’s hope we have a lot to consider in those coming 15 years!

What is evident though, especially if you read back the old threads on the forum picking the final players, is that a number of quality players never made the final cut due to the overwhelming competition in some positions. Players that are the fabric of the club and so much part of East Fife folklore and glory days and people’s fondest memories.

Every position had top players that missed out. Whether it be John Curran, Ernie McGarr or Davie Gorman in goal; or Jock Wood, Jimmy Bonthrone or Paul Hunter up front; or a whole host of other players inbetween.

So how do you address that?

Well there’s be talk of setting up an East Fife ‘Hall of Fame’. I don’t know how early or how far down the line the idea is, or what form it will eventually take, but it’s excellent and needs to happen.

With the feelgood factor starting to be restored at the club after the recent takeover, results on the pitch may not be what everyone is wanting right now, but the future and potential is there for all to see.

In looking at that, we must never forget our past. East Fife have a storied history and punched above their weight to become a real force in Scottish football. It would be nice to think that one day, some day, we’ll get back there.

So which players would you like to see honoured in the ‘Hall of Fame’ that weren’t recognised in the ‘All Time Greats’ teams? Share your thoughts below.

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